1. Attend a Meeting

Check our events page and attend a meeting! See if you like what our organization does before making the decision to join. We want you to feel confident about investing your time in our organization!

2. Pay Dues

Dues are used to fund events, make t-shirts, and provide our members with opportunities to meet with employers and people in the field of finance.

**Email Dr. Cardella, or reach out to us through the Contact page for more information. 

3. Find us on TechConnect and Other Social Media

By sending us a request to join on TechConnect, you allow us to count you in as a member and ensure that you get any and all invitations to events, updates, and other important notifications. You can also find us on LinkedIn to help build your network. 

4. Submit the Forms

Part of being in the Finance Association is awesome opportunities. We create a unique resume book for employers that could contain your resume if you submit it through Handshake. We also have an awesome trip every Fall semester. If you want to be an officer, those forms are important too! Click on one of the buttons below for more info and a link to the forms.

5. Earn an AIM Distinction

Being active in our organization has many benefits. By attending meetings and events, you can earn the title of Ambassador, Investor, or Mentor. These events can set you apart by giving you valuable and marketable skills.