The Finance Association

The Finance Association is an organization at Texas Tech for the students studying Finance in the Rawls College of Business. The organization is dedicated to further preparing its members for the Financial Industry by providing opportunities to meet with employers, teaching the importance of giving by volunteering in the Lubbock Community, and providing the opportunity to network with like-minded students who also share a passion for finance. Our organization is led by two professors as well as three leading Officers, along with a Board of Directors. This style of leading mimics that of a corporation and gives members plenty of opportunities to have an impact on their organization.

In order to ensure that students within this organization succeed, the Finance Association follows three pillars of success: AIM. We want our students to be Ambassadors of themselves and the college they have attended. We want students to Invest in their own futures through networking and employment opportunities, and Mentor others to learn the lessons of being a good steward of the resources they were given. See below for more details.

Finance Association AIM 

As an Ambassador, students serve as representatives of Texas Tech and the Rawls College of Business to employers and alumni. These students have the opportunity for professional development. As an ambassador, students gain an understanding of the different aspects of the financial industry, markets, and career paths. These students focus on soft-skills including networking, interviewing, resume building, and alumni development.

As an Investor, students participate in workshops targeted at specific industry standards. These students invest in their knowledge base and further develop learning styles and skills through peer-to-peer learning and presentations. Workshop series content includes: investment banking, commercial banking, commercial real estate, MS Excel development. Student leaders of the Investor Series, earn the opportunity to develop full lecture presentations and take responsibility for peer learning.

As a Mentor, students have the opportunity to learn and provide academic support to others while improving their financial literacy, communication, and presenting. Students serve as mentors along two dimensions. First, they are peer mentors to students currently enrolled in the Rawls College of Business. In this role, mentors must develop finance specific communication and the ability to explain concepts to others. Second, students serve as mentors to high school students in Lubbock. This outreach gives students the opportunity to leave a lasting impression on students in the local community.

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